What is a Psychologically Impacted Property?

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Today’s Question: What is a psychologically impacted property?

Today we’re answering the question: What is a psychologically impacted property? And, is there any affirmative duty by the seller or the broker to disclose this information to a prospective buyer? First of all, let’s define a psychologically impacted property- it’s one of three things.

1. Infectious Disease – Is the current occupant infected with, or thought to be infected with, an infectious disease that is not normally transmitted by simply occupying the property?

2. Felony, Suicide, Homicide – Has the property been the site of a felony, homicide, or suicide?

3. Supernatural Phenomenons – Is the property alleged to have any supernatural phenomenon such as hauntings or parapsychological activity going on in the home?

Those three things categorize a psychologically impacted property. According to Massachusetts General Law, Title 15, Chapter 93, Section 114, the seller and the broker have no affirmative duty to disclose this information to the buyer. A buyer can certainly ask the agent if any of these things have happened in the home, and if the agent knows, they need to answer honestly. The seller can choose whether they want to answer or not, but if they do choose to answer, they must answer honestly.


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