3 Most Popular Online Tax Preparation Options

3 Online Tax Preparation Options


TurboTax® Basic offers a variety of packages to fit your needs and you may be able to take advantage of special offers.
• Available packages include a basic version, Deluxe, Premier, Self-Employed and TurboTax Live.
• Import your W-2s and 1099s from participating employers; you can also import from Quicken and QuickBooks Desktop.
• Import last year’s information from other tax software.
• If you need help, click the “Guide Me Through” button for step-by-step instructions.
• Double-checks your work as you go.

2. TaxAct®

There is a Free package for simple 1040EZ and 1040A filers, and state filing is also free. Additional packages have extra fees.
• Available plans include Free, Plus, Freelancer and Premium.
• Free is for simple tax returns; Plus is for filers who itemize, homeowners and investors; Freelancer is for independent contractors and self-employed filers; and Premium supports all types of filers, plus offers audit defense.
• Features a price lock guarantee so you’ll pay the listed price at the time you created your return, regardless of when you send it.

3. H&R Block®

H&R Block has several tax preparation packages to fit your needs, whether you want to file at home, with a remote tax pro or at an H&R Block office.
• Software packages include Basic, Deluxe and Premium, and Self-Employed. Basic is ideal for simple tax returns; Deluxe is ideal for homeowners and those who qualify for deductions, Premium is ideal for investors and business owners; and Self-Employed is ideal for small business owners and independent contractors.
• Online software services include packages such as H&R Block More Zero for simple tax returns; Deluxe for filers who qualify for deductions: Premium for investors and business owners; and Self-Employed for small business owners and independent contractors. H&R Block also offers services for an additional cost, including Tax Pro Review.
• Snap a photo of your W-2 or easily import your other information.
• Refund Reveal™ not only shows your refund; it also explains why your refund has changed.

Should you go with a pro or use software?

The tax code is complicated and changes almost every year, so enlisting the help of a tax professional can prevent you from missing out on potential savings or incurring penalties. If you decide to do your own, rely on these and other software programs to guide you through the necessary forms.

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